Has Dramatically Lowered Women's Run Times

Helps With Nutrient Needs

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Active women often limit intake of the best sources of iron, zinc, and copper. To make things worse, exercise training could raise the requirements for these minerals. So, active women often need more of these minerals than they get in their diet. A multivitamin-mineral pill might not fix this since they often contain minerals in less than optimal forms. 

Vionica contains WELL ABSORBED forms of these minerals plus carnitine and phosphatidylserine, which compliment mineral functions (Supplement Facts). Published research found that Vionica dramatically lowered average 3 mile run times in 2 groups of women runners. In addition, a stationary bike performance and a short term exercise recovery test also showed improvement. Go to the research paper.

Individual results may vary.

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"Good nutrition should always start with a good diet.  Nonetheless, certain supplements can play a useful role for many people."
Dr. Robert DiSilvestro